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Pretty nice.

This stopmotion is well made and thought out. I did think some of the jump-cuts were a little choppy, but overall the animation was well put together. I liked the concept of the claymation character altering its own little world.

In terms of improvements, I think you could try more gradual transitions when objects are added or removed. For instance, instead of things simply disappearing and reappearing over single frames, you could possibly make them shrink or grow. The sudden appearance and disappearance felt a little jarring.

Overall, nicely done. Keep it up!

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Dizzzymushroom responds:

Why thank you!
And thankies for the advice.

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It's okay, with a few flaws.

Overall this game is pretty interesting and has a good concept behind it, but there were a few flaws that prevented it from being as good as it could have been.

Firstly, the speed of rotation was a little too slow. Whereas I'm not suggesting it should just suddenly rotate 90 degrees in one frame, it feels a little too slow at the moment, especially as the game goes on and the spawn speed increases.

Secondly, occasionally there will be combinations of balls on the screen which mean it's impossible to collect them without either mismatching or losing the game outright. If this was intended to happen to force an increase in difficulty, it's a bad idea. Difficulty could just be increased as time goes on, rather than forcing the player to unavoidably make things harder for themselves.

Overall, this is a good idea, but it could use a bit more polish overall.


This shows potential. And yes, Flash is horribly slow, but I've seen demos for this kind of thing made in Actionscript 3 that ran at 20 FPS without the horribly low framerate. If you can afford Adobe CS3 and to learn AS3, I highly recommend you look into it, because apparently they rewrote Actionscript from scratch to make it more efficient.

3D in Flash is something that's entirely overlooked, with so few attempts, let alone finished products. I like this demo just because you've even tried to go beyond two dimensions. :D

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JJ-Birdie responds:

This does use AS3. Most of the drawing is done in software with AS3 (no flash library functions for drawing primitives).

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